Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t own a Kindle. Can I convert a Kindle book to a different format so I can read it on my Nook, Kobo Reader, iPad, etc.?

YES! And it’s very easy to do. You can find step-by-step instructions here: And if you have any problems converting the file, you can email the book to me and I can do it for you. We’re full-service here at


Why are some of your books available in all formats/all bookstores and others not?

It’s complicated! But the short answer is some books I self-publish and some books are published by publishers who require restrictions. If there’s a format you’re looking for that is not available at your preferred retailer then email me via the contact form and I’ll see what I can do.


Are you available to speak to my book group?

Yes, I’m always happy to speak to book groups via phone or Skype or whatever the latest, greatest method is (assuming I can figure out how to set it up on my computer)! And if your book group is in Los Angeles we can meet in person too.


Are you available to speak at readers’/writers’ conferences?

Yes, if we can work out the details. Email me via the contact form.


Will there be more Vlad books?

Right now there are only two books in the series, Vlad All Over (Book 1) and Vlad to the Bone (Book 2); and the next book I publish will be a non-Vlad book. But I love Gwen and Alex (and Zoe and Stefan and the rest of the characters) and would be happy to write more books about them if there’s demand. So if you love those books and want more, tell your friends to read them, and they can tell their friends to read them, and so on and so on and so on just like that Faberge commercial from the 1970s (yes, I realize I’m dating myself here, but I was very young then).


And if I may be so bold as to ask a favor of you, my faithful readers: You may not realize it, but reader reviews are sooooo important these days. So if you’ve read one of my books and enjoyed it please consider posting a review on Goodreads or Amazon or B&N or Apple or your blog or pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t have to be long. No need to summarize the entire plot and write a four-page dissertation. A sentence or two will do. And it doesn’t have to be a glowing review. Feel free to point out the bad with the good. I do listen to my readers and if everyone feels strongly about something I take notice and try to address it (that’s why I wrote that epilogue to Romantically Challenged). But if you could just write something and help spread the word about the book I would be eternally grateful.